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Welcome to the official website of Standpoint Mastering - a place where your music finds its second birth!

Standpoint Mastering

It is not a secret that mastering is the essential part of music production cycle and its role cannot be underrated. Even the most beautiful and original musical pieces lose their main "message" when unproperly mastered; the process allows to achieve a sufficient volume, get rid of individual divergencies regardless of the recording medium. Mastering can enhance and preserve the sound quality in different playback scenarios.

"The debilitating loudness war has finally been won..." Bob Katz

Who I Am

Going with the name Garry “Spectrum” Mkrtchyan I have refined audio since 2008 focusing mainly on mastering within the electronic dance music scene alongside with TV commercials and my own production which is published using my artist moniker Fabien Kamb.

What I Do

At Standpoint Mastering I provide fellow musicians and producers with professional digital audio mastering services to help them prepare their music for publishing by taking advantage of a process that is designed to offer a one-to-one detail oriented workflow with the mastering engineer.

Why I Do This

Working with a purely digital signal flow I do not try to market myself with an impressive list of equipment but rather be your go-to engineer to:

  • polish your music and make it sound better than it was
  • provide an iterative process to meet your needs
  • help develop a “mix with mastering in mind” approach

My Goal

Knowing the industry from inside, I am looking forward to putting my experience as an audio engineer at the disposal of music producers and bands to provide affordable prices and a profound customer experience. With that, I find myself in a beneficial position to take your projects up a grade and provide you with that final touch.

Book Me

Please drop me a line, describe your project for me to make the best decision and provide you with a quote.